Frequently Asked Questions About the Ross Business Minor

What essay questions are on the Business Minor application?

  1. Please introduce yourself to your future Ross classmates. (100-150 words)
  2. Why are you applying to the Business Minor? Considering your own interests and passions, what led you to conclude that the Business Minor combined with your current major is the optimal educational path for you? (300-500 words)

What are the prerequisites?

All applicants to the Business Minor must complete the following requirements by the end of the winter term in the year they apply. We will access and evaluate minor applicants' U-M transcripts after winter term grades have been posted. Any transfer or test credits you wish to have considered must appear on our U-M transcript by the end of the winter term.

MATH 105 credit or above

  • College credit for Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, or an upper-level MATH course is required
  • Includes AP credit for MATH 120
  • Includes IB, A-level, or college-level transfer credit
  • Departmental credit will count for MATH 101X and above.
  • Students who have upper-level Calculus MATH courses or Honors Calculus will meet this requirement.
  • "Placement" / "Recommendation" into MATH 115 by the University of Michigan Mathematics Placement Test will not alone meet this requirement. Applicants must actually complete the course or have credit from one of the above listed items.

First-Year Writing Requirement as approved through the LSA Sweetland Center for Writing, UARTS 150, ARTDES 129, or ENGR 100

  • Includes transfer credit for any course approved as First-Year Writing at U-M (not departmental credit, e.g., ENGLISH 101X or ENGCMPTC 101X)

How can I get help with my application and essays?

Current U-M Ann Arbor students should attend the Business Minor Information Sessions in fall and winter for information and advice. During these sessions, we provide an overview of the application and share tips for applying. Please know that Ross admissions staff, including the BBA Ambassadors, do not review application essays. (That would defeat the purpose!) U-M academic advisors, instructors, and writing tutors typically do not review application essays, either.

How many spaces are available and what are my chances?

Admission is selective. Please see our Business Minor class profile for more information on admission statistics.

When is the Business Minor application due?

The Business Minor application becomes available in winter term. To be considered for admission, your Business Minor application must be submitted by March 31.

What information should I share on my resume?

This resume should be tailored toward your interest in the Business Minor program, rather than an internship or job opportunity. We’re interested in getting to know your strengths, your leadership potential, and how you may already be engaging within your intended career path of interest.

What is the purpose of the first essay prompt?

This is your chance to share your identity and interests with the Admissions Review Committee. Consider what would make you a unique member of the Business Minor program and show us who you are as an individual.

How creative can I be in the first essay prompt?

While we appreciate creativity, always keep your audience in mind and make sure that your intended message shines through.

Can I apply to the Business Minor program as a first-year student if I have met all the prerequisite requirements?

To be eligible to apply for the Business Minor, you must:

  1. Complete the prerequisites by the end of the winter term in which you are applying.
  2. Have junior standing or above (55 CTP +) at a degree-seeking institution by the end of winter term in which you are applying.

It’s important to note that while students with junior standing that are first-year students may apply, we strongly encourage you to apply at the end of your sophomore year. Preference is given to applicants with two years of coursework at a degree-seeking institution.

Can I apply to the Business Minor program as a junior at U-M?

While eligible third-year students may apply, we strongly encourage you to apply at the end of your sophomore year. Preference is given to applicants with two years of coursework at a degree-seeking institution. The Business Minor is not intended to extend your academic career at U-M.

Can I apply to both the BBA and Business Minor programs at the same time?

We strongly encourage students to research and understand the benefits of each program in order to decide what they are looking to obtain from a business education. The Ross BBA and Business Minor are very different programs, catered to different academic and career goals. 

Do I have to wait until I’m enrolled in the Business Minor program to take Ross courses, or can I take them prior to admission?

All Ross elective courses, including those offered in the Business Minor curriculum, are open to all U-M students. If you choose to take a minor course and are later admitted to the Business Minor, this course will go on to fulfill Business Minor course requirements.

Do I have to submit my U-M transcript with my application?

No. We have access to the transcripts of current U-M Ann Arbor students, and will review your transcript after winter-term grades have been posted. 

What courses look good to the admissions committee?

We want to see how well you perform at U-M Ann Arbor. We strongly recommend you:

  • Take a full load each term (usually 14-16 credits).
  • Take courses that are both interesting and challenging to you. We appreciate all fields of study, as long as you challenge yourself.
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