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Denice Torres, MBA ‘90, led one of the most successful transformations in Johnson & Johnson history, a feat recently highlighted by AL DÍA News. After 30 years in corporate America, Torres is described as an “executive turned entrepreneur,” using her knowledge to help women accelerate their success and thrive in meaningful careers.
Student Voices
Attending Michigan these past two years, I’ve been the most accepted I’ve ever been in my life. But when going abroad and immersing yourself in another culture, I discovered you need to keep an open mind and remember you’re not alone.
Student Voices
My friends warned me that living in a small college town in a Midwestern state would be very different, and I’d at best be tokenized as one of a handful of LGBTQ individuals and at worst be in a community rife with latent homophobia. Thankfully, reflecting on my first year at Ross, I realize that couldn’t be further from the truth.