Listen up New Ross BBAs: Netflix Is Not Your Friend


By Johanne Vincent, BBA ‘21

It’s the summer before your first year of college. Your high school classes are finished, you’ve graduated, and you have no summer homework. You and your friends are free for the summer and instead of spending your days enjoying the sun, traveling and hanging out, you choose to...attend classes?

It’s not a decision that many could picture themselves making, but this summer I had the opportunity to do just that –– and I loved it.

I spent about a month attending Ross Summer Connection (RSC), a new program for incoming Ross BBA students to help us prepare for the rigor of Ross. I took classes in economics, calculus, and writing; attended presentations; and participated in a case competition (which we won!) After all this, I can safely say that this was a month well spent.

I have no doubt my time at RSC will be invaluable during my fall classes, but RSC taught me more than just the subjects we were studying. The lessons and skills I learned from my peers and presenters will serve me well in the coming months, and they might just help you too. So here they are!

First, research is key!

It is crucial to be prepared, whether you're attending a presentation, interviewing for a new job, or just chatting with a professor.

This means finding them on the U-M staff directory and reading their bios, looking at their work experience on LinkedIn, or even finding them on Wikipedia. The more you know about the person you are talking to, the better.

During RSC, knowing some information on our speakers’ backgrounds and interests not only let us ask some important questions, but kept the conversations flowing and natural.

Second, Netflix is not your friend.

This may be the most overheard statement by any high school or college student, but don’t procrastinate! Nothing is worse than having a paper due at 8:00 am and realizing at 12:00 am that you haven’t even started yet. This unfortunately happened to me during RSC, and I can say from experience that the next episode of Scandal is not worth it!

Start early and finish early — you'll make your life a lot easier.

And finally, accept help.

I was a little nervous talking to my instructors at first, but RSC showed me that whatever problem you are having, be it academic or personal, the people around you will make sure you get through it.

Your professors, Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs), and friends are all there to support you, and you will find that your life is so much happier when you accept their help.

As an incoming freshman, I haven't truly experienced what Michigan has to offer just yet. However, RSC proves that these next four years will be filled with learning, growth, and fun. I just need to make the most of it. Let the journey begin.

Go Blue!

Johanne Vincent, BBA ‘21, is an incoming freshman at the University of Michigan. She is part of the inaugural class of the Ross School of Business’ First-Year BBA students.

Johanne is interested in the intersections of international business, public policy, and law, and hopes to further explore these interests during her time at Michigan Ross. Outside of the classroom, Johanne enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, learning languages, and traveling.

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Johanne Vincent, BBA ‘21