Hard Earned Advice for The Newest Class of Ross BBA Students


By Grace Nasr, BBA ’18

When I first started at Ross, I only knew a handful of faces in the building, and I didn’t linger much between classes (besides to get Starbucks). But now, as I enter my senior year as President of the BBA Council, I’ve found a community within Ross of which I’m proud to be a part.  

I learned a lot over the last 3 years at Michigan and I know for sure that your time at Ross will be extremely rewarding — but not without its challenges.

So, for the newest class of Ross BBA students, here are some of the things I’ve learned that can hopefully help you make the most out of your undergraduate experience.

First: Build Relationships.

I have learned that businesses cannot function without effective and respectful relationships — but this is true and can be applied anywhere in life.

Your relationships with classmates, professors, GSIs, staff, alumni, or recruiters today could lead to much more in the future. There will always be an opportunity to tap into another's knowledge and expertise, and times when others will call on you for help. Maintain these relationships you create with care — it provides a wonderful opportunity to continually learn from others.  

Second: Explore.

The world of business is larger than our core course offerings. Spend time researching elective classes, ask classmates what they have enjoyed, and involve yourself in new clubs and initiatives that pique your interest.

No single class, career assessment, or recruiting event can tell you what your passion will be. Spend your summers doing what you love — whether this be traveling independently or on an abroad program, interning for an interesting company, or developing your own business ventures. You never know where you will find your passion.

Remember, we are afforded the opportunity to learn from incredible professors at Michigan — enjoy opportunities to take classes outside of Ross. You won’t regret it.

Finally: Take Care of Yourself.

There is no doubt that you can feel the energy in the Winter Garden immediately upon entering the building. This is motivating and powerful, but it can cause stress and anxiousness throughout the year.

When the pressures of classes, group projects, personal development, recruiting, and life in general are building — remember to always take time for your own well-being, and return to your best state. Find what works for you, whether this be yoga, meditation, exercise, reading, more sleep, or simply taking time to relax with friends. Make sure you allow yourself these reliefs.

When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re deliberating between another cup of coffee or going to sleep, always choose sleep; don’t sacrifice your health. We are all motivated and driven, but we must remember to take care of ourselves to continue to excel.

Enjoy your time at Ross. As cliché as it sounds, it will be gone before you know it!

Go Blue!

Grace Nasr, BBA ’18, is the president of BBA Council. During her time at Ross, Grace participated in a Global Immersion course studying economic expansion in Germany and Slovakia. She was also selected as a 2017 Carson Scholar.

Outside of Ross, Grace is a co-chair of the Central Student Government Mental Health Taskforce and is pursuing a German minor. She has previous internship experience as a purchasing intern at Webasto Roof Systems and General Motors. After graduating, Grace hopes to join the automotive industry and spend time working abroad.