How My Classmates and I Are Turning Executives Into Card-carrying Members of the Michigan Ross Fan Club


By Eddy Hansen, MBA ‘17

There’s nothing typical about my classmates. And, at 43 years old, with a few grey hairs, I’m certainly not your typical college student either — but I fit right in with my classmates in the Los Angeles cohort of the Michigan Ross Executive MBA.

Not all of them are as old as me, of course, but what we do have in common is significant business experience across many industries. We fly in from across the country for class a few days each month and although we’re from diverse fields, everyone in the group is a leader, influencer, and decision-maker in their respective industries.

So when I volunteered to help bring business leaders into the class to be guest speakers, I knew the bar for excellence was going to be set pretty high.

I work alongside two other students, Kiran and Marc, on our small student Leadership Development Program (LDP) committee. For our first event of the semester, we brought in Adam Rockmore, a successful local businessman, proud owner of a Michigan MBA, and SVP, Head of Marketing and Communication for Fandango.  

He has held a number of marketing and leadership roles across industries from media and technology to manufacturing and food products. And while I cannot take direct credit for bringing him in (my colleague Marc did that), I was honored to share the stage with him to moderate a wide-ranging discussion. Adam was insightful and inspiring, offering an open and honest discussion about his personal successes and failures.

It turns out that before joining our class, Adam had no idea that Ross MBA faculty travel out west to teach in LA. He was excited to learn about the local program and expressed interest in future support. We are all excited to expand our west coast Ross network. I learned that there are ready-made opportunities for Michigan alums like Adam just waiting for us to find them!

The real story here is a very successful Michigan MBA alum is now a big fan of the LA program. I have a feeling Adam has not given his last Ross Leadership talk. Thanks Adam, I look forward to hearing about the next one.

Since Adam’s talk, we’ve also been pleased to host three more speakers, Scott Duffy, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker; Jamie Voris, CTO for The Walt Disney Studios and a U-M Engineering alum; and Julie Felss Masino, CEO of Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Eddy Hansen is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps and a student in the Ross Executive MBA Class of 2017. His fellow Ross EMBA Los Angeles Cohort LDP speaker committee members are Kiran Kanetkar, IT Manager, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Marc Ramos, Director of Web Production, Gap Inc.

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