Moving to Attend Michigan Ross, We Had No Idea What We Were Getting Ourselves Into


By Jaclyn Garrison, MBA Partner

When you’re preparing to move across the country, you have to tell a lot of people. And the dozens of people my husband and I spoke to about choosing to move to Michigan so he could pursue his MBA almost always responded to our decision by saying something like “Why Michigan?!” “You better be ready for the cold!” or “Are you sure you guys want to move there?!”  

I never really knew how to respond to these comments and they often made me think “What are we getting ourselves into?!” Well, now, after almost two years, I know exactly what we were getting ourselves into…an experience of a lifetime!

And one that I am so incredibly grateful we’ve had the opportunity to have.

Me with the family at game in the Big House

In our short six years of marriage my husband and I have had the opportunity to live in four states and five different cities, so this isn’t something that I say lightly, but Michigan has been one of the most amazing places I’ve ever lived.

Lush trees, gorgeous lakes, an amazing spring. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect summer. Even winter is beautiful if you can get past the cold! But, it’s not just the seasons and beauty we’re surrounded by here that makes it great.


The community in Ann Arbor and at Ross has been the most pleasant surprise yet.

Between watching the city come to life during football games and attending the games ourselves with our two-year-old son, to having many resources to help pass the time while my husband has been busy with school life – Ann Arbor has hands down been one of our favorite places to live.

Some of the resources that I have found to be the most helpful during the past year-and-a-half of living here are:

  1. Ann Arbor with kids, a blog and social group that informs readers about different events for kids of all ages taking place around the area. There is also an option for a daily or weekly newsletter to keep you even more connected with the community.
  2. Hike it Baby, a social group where you can connect with other moms while exploring different walking and hiking trails all around Ann Arbor.
  3. Partners Club at Ross and PAL club at Ross, where each month there are a variety of events both family-friendly and not that give partners and families of students at Ross an outlet to meet new people and enjoy different experiences together.
All of the resources mentioned above have helped make Ann Arbor feel like home for my family, but especially the last one. Without the Partners Club at Ross, I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have met as many amazing people as I have.
But because I chose to actively participate in the club and attend many events, especially all the kid-friendly events (apple picking, petting zoo, play dates, Halloween Party, etc.) I have had the opportunity to make friendships that I know will last beyond our time here at Ross.

I am so incredibly grateful for the Ross community. There have been many hard days during this experience, but knowing that there are other partners going through the ups and downs of business school together has made these experiences that much easier and more rewarding to go through. Ann Arbor will forever have a piece of my heart and as my two-year-old loves to say, “Go Blue!”

Jaclyn Garrison is the partner to a second-year student in the Ross MBA Program. She stays busy being a mom to a 2 ½-year-old little boy, serving as a board member on the Partners Club at Ross, and pursuing a hobby of photography.