The One Crucial Thing That Helped Me Decide to Come to Ross


By MacCalvin Romain, MBA ‘17

As a first generation American and trailblazer for my family, the decision to enter an MBA program was a big one; deciding which program to enter was almost an even bigger task.

Not only would I be dedicating two years to the journey, but working toward my degree would also require me to uproot the life I knew, and the support and encouragement of my family was crucial. So, I wanted to find an MBA program and culture where the students worked together to achieve goals, where people are selfless and want to see you succeed, and where the mission and values of the school align with the values I was raised on.

It became increasingly clear to me during my research that all of the top institutions from which I had an admissions offer touted competitive academic opportunities in the classroom as well as job opportunities upon graduation.

So, while I easily found options to satisfy my career interests, I still wanted to find a place that I truly felt connected to. In my search for that place, I uncovered the one absolutely crucial tip for helping me decide - and I want to share that with you today:

Interact With Students and Alumni

Interactions with Rossers made a world of difference in my MBA decision. Even before applying to Ross, the admissions team connected me with alumni and current students with similar entrepreneurial aspirations.

I learned about their experiences at Ross and the resources they were able to tap into to help bring their entrepreneurial visions to life. I learned about their lives after Ross, and what it truly meant to be a Michigan Wolverine. As I continued through the application process, these people remained in contact with me. They were great resources as I went from prospective applicant to an admitted student who needed to decide on the school I would eventually call home.

When it came time to make my final decision for an MBA program, becoming a Michigan Wolverine felt the most natural.

Thanks to the conversations I had with current students and alumni, I felt like I was connecting with genuine people who each had a deep appreciation for Ross. Each person told me about how they pushed themselves to explore opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise considered prior to enrolling.

They assured me that Ross admitted people that would add value to the community, add value to my MBA experience, and represent the Block M as leaders in the future.

Yes, I chose Ross because of the amazing opportunities I’d receive both inside and outside of the classroom, but I also chose it for a much simpler reason. I chose Ross because it felt like home—a place where I can take advantage of new experiences such as investing with the Wolverine Venture Fund, creating a startup with help from the Zell Lurie Institute, competing in the Michigan Business Challenge, or even traveling to Brazil during MAP to solve a business problem for a global multinational distribution company.

Talking with and forming relationships with students and alums helped me see that Ross represented the best option to meet my career goals while also fostering the sense of community I look for in a place I now call home.

Choosing Ross was an important decision. And after just a one year on the team, I can confirm that it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine.

Go Blue!

MacCalvin Romain is a student in the Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2017. He is a member of the Consortium, Director of the Wolverine Venture Fund, President of the Basketball Club, and this summer is interning with A.T. Kearney.

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