The Ross Leaders Academy is a year-long, advanced leadership development program for select final-year students at the University of Michigan.

In the Ross Leaders Academy, you’ll make leadership development a primary focus of your Michigan experience, building the advanced capabilities you need to impact the present and enrich the future. The program will engage you in a powerful process through which you’ll deepen your self-awareness, increase your personal influence, and maximize your learning from daily experiences. You’ll also complete fun and engaging team challenges, while supporting teammates and developing your talent development skills. Along the way, you’ll learn from a diverse set of peers, receive executive coaching, hear from thought leaders, and engage with 30+ years of powerful ideas advanced by Michigan Ross’s world-leading management faculty. You’ll emerge more confident, more insightful, and with a personal vision to fuel your emerging career.

Upon completion of the program, you will leave with a self-authored philosophy statement that is meant to be revisited and rewritten at times of great decision or challenge. You'll also celebrate at a year-end celebration and receive a certificate of completion.

The Ross Leaders Academy is offered each year with generous support from the Deloitte Foundation, which is committed to enabling transformational learning experiences like this for students like you.

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Ross Leaders Academy

Subjects You’ll Explore


You’ll engage with the Michigan Model of Leadership and decades of research into what it takes to become a transformational leader. You’ll develop four key qualities — empathy, drive, integrity, and courage — that combined will put your influence on steroids.


You’ll work with an executive coach to develop your people development skills, honing them through fun and engaging team challenges.


Throughout the process, you’ll benefit from a variety of resources — awareness-building activities, structured reflection sessions, executive coaching, executive networking — to advance your development as a leader.


You’ll craft a personal vision statement that clearly articulates your leadership philosophy, values, purpose, strengths, and learning agenda. Moving forward, it’ll enable you to more effectively tell your story and navigate the many difficult  challenges and decisions you face.

How to Participate

Program Structure and Schedule

The Ross Leaders Academy will meet ~10 times over the course of the academic year. It will kick off in the Fall with an exciting event, and wrap up in the Spring with a closing celebration in Deloitte’s 37th floor D-Club in Detroit’s Renaissance Center.

2017-2018 Dates

To be announced

Sessions are generally two hours long and scheduled on Fridays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Executive coaching will be scheduled separately based on your availability.

Applicant Requirements

  • Final year students - undergraduate seniors and graduate students in the final year of their academic program
  • Ability to attend all sessions
  • Deep interest in leadership development, personal growth, and lifelong learning
  • Support of a U-M staff member or faculty sponsor

How to Apply: To be notified when '17-'18 applications open, fill out our interest form.

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