What is the Impact Challenge?

Impact Challenge engages you in an intense and rewarding leadership and learning experience, challenging you to think creatively, achieve audacious goals, and meet aggressive deadlines while working with community partners to meet a community-identified need in Detroit. The experience creates opportunities for you to get involved and contribute alongside local leaders and entrepreneurs who are building significant momentum for their causes.

The 2017 Impact Challenge is proudly supported by Deloitte, General Motors, and PNC Bank



Leadership Skills You’ll Practice

Designing High-Impact Organizations

You will experience firsthand what it takes to create exceptional value for shareholders, stakeholders, and society. You are at the forefront -- identifying opportunities, brainstorming solutions, developing models, and pitching ideas.

Facilitating Creative Processes

Your team's success depends on its ability to generate breakthrough ideas. Following a design thinking process, you will learn to start with a user-centered approach and progress through stages of inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

Leading High-Performing Teams

You will lead your team toward a shared vision. You'll set clear goals; clarify values; define roles and responsibilities; leverage diversity; empower all team members; and design processes for coordination, communication, conflict, and decision-making.

Building High-Quality Connections

You will practice in an environment where stakes are high and timelines aggressive. Your ability to influence the outcome will depend on your ability to form relationships built on a foundation of trust, mutual positive regard, and active engagement.

How to Participate

The Impact Challenge is a required component of the Michigan Ross experience for students in the Full-Time MBA and Master of Accounting programs. A separate challenge is run for each program. Watch for details from your program office.

2018 Dates
​To be announced

When your opportunity arrives, come prepared to engage with your team in an intense and rewarding experience that will include audacious goals, aggressive deadlines, and numerous opportunities to practice leadership. If you would like to continue your engagement, consider joining Ross’s Detroit Revitalization and Business Club (R&B), a key partner in continuing our engagement with the community and our development of the challenge concept. Other opportunities to further engage in Detroit will change from year to year depending on our focus area; Sanger will notify you in newsletters and on social media about how to get involved.

  1. Come Prepared and Execute
    Come to your program’s Impact Challenge ready to engage in an intense and rewarding experience.
  2. Follow-Up Afterward
    Become a member of Detroit Revitalization and Business to continue engagement with the city and participation in the Impact Challenge.