E.g., Dec 1 2020
E.g., Dec 1 2020
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Writing for The Hill, Michigan Ross Professor Jeremy Kress says further expansion should be stopped.

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Michigan Ross Professor Jeremy Kress argues that newly loosened rules could lead to financial disaster.

Professor Jeremy Kress argues the wave of bank consolidation needs better scrutiny from regulators.


In a new podcast, Ross Professor Jeremy Kress explores why federal agencies should oversee individual financial institutions, not just their activities.

Illustration of large bank

Jeremy Kress proposes an innovative way to limit the risks of large financial institutions.

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Jeremy Kress argues that financial stability regulators are moving in the wrong direction.

Federal Reserve Building

Writing in American Banker, Jeremy Kress says the company must shrink or simplify to escape added regulation.

Writing in The Hill, Jeremy Kress says a seemingly reasonable bill has some troubling provisions in the details.