E.g., Nov 28 2020
E.g., Nov 28 2020
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Professor Scott Rick and colleagues find that children as young as 5 behave much like adults.

Study co-authored by Professor Scott Rick shows children develop spendthrift and tightwad tendencies independent of parental behavior.

Professor Scott Rick shows how a few simple interventions could encourage better decisions on retirement accounts, personal savings, and mortgages.

Professor Scott Rick says the economic outlook among consumers is being driven by partisanship.

Professor Scott Rick says some optimism for the future from the first half of the year could be settling down despite current rosy conditions.

Professor Scott Rick sees anxiety among some U.S. consumers despite an overall rosy picture.

Partisan divide on future outlook still a factor but could narrow, says Professor Scott Rick.

New research by Professors Scott Rick and Katherine Burson shows some people are motivated by an income tax.