E.g., Nov 29 2020
E.g., Nov 29 2020
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Research by S. Sriram finds a 10-12% increase in student engagement in online courses.

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Ross research finds that requiring disclosure reduced drug company payments to doctors overall, but some doctors were paid more.

Research by PhD student Tong Guo, with Professors Puneet Manchanda and S. Sriram, examines the effect of payment disclosures on physician behavior.

Research by Professors Puneet Manchanda and S. Sriram explores the spillover effects of online news paywalls.

Professor S. Sriram explains why pooling news personnel might be the way of the future.

New research by Professor S. Sriram shows why newspapers raise subscription prices despite lower demand.

Do online newspaper ads steal from the print version? Find out the real source of newspaper advertising losses.

When a product or service launches, do the usual rules apply? Learn what Michigan Ross professors found.