E.g., Nov 23 2020
E.g., Nov 23 2020
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A Q-and-A with Jerry Davis, associate dean for Business+Impact at Michigan Ross.

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Appearing on a Marketplace podcast, Michigan Ross Associate Dean Jerry Davis discusses how the notion of “stakeholder capitalism” is gaining traction.

Illustration of corporate social responsibility showing business people raising a flower

Associate Dean Jerry Davis argues that huge growth in index-fund investing will impact "shareholder value" debate.

Photo illustration of number of employees versus revenue

Writing in The Conversation, Associate Dean Jerry Davis explains the importance of how we define corporate size.

Professor Jerry Davis and colleagues say schools should encourage work that benefits society.

Professor Jerry Davis, writing in The Conversation, says politics is becoming inescapable for companies in the era of social media and political polarization.

Professor and Associate Dean Jerry Davis explains the role business schools play in making an impact on society.

How do you navigate a new economy built on short-term engagements? Professor Jerry Davis shows how to succeed in the gig economy.