E.g., Dec 5 2020
E.g., Dec 5 2020
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Business person meditating at laptop

Research by Professor Gretchen Spreitzer finds that even a brief daily meditation leads to more positive behavior toward others.

Illustration of coworking space

Professor Gretchen Spreitzer shares some nuggets from recent research on the changing workplace.

Professor Gretchen Spreitzer shows how remote workers and freelancers create a sense of community and build relationships.

How can companies empower employees? Professor Gretchen Spreitzer’s research helped show the way.

Michigan Ross Professor Gretchen Spreitzer explains two dominant workplace themes in the coming year.

In Harvard Business Review, Professor Gretchen Spreitzer explains why people in co-working spaces feel more engaged.

New research from Michigan Ross Professor Gretchen Spreitzer shows toxic co-workers aren’t just annoying — they affect your work.

Remote workers are creating their own thriving work communities. Find out what’s driving this trend.