E.g., Nov 28 2020
E.g., Nov 28 2020
Open Filters

Professor Andy Hoffman: Misunderstandings among students in Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying, and Public Interest mirror broader society.

Illustration of virus and globe

Professor Andy Hoffman appears on “The Conversation Lab” podcast.

illustration with globe, people wearing masks

Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman offers thoughts for an Academy of Management special project.

In a new essay, Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman reflects on Marc Benioff’s new book and the dangers of relying on business to improve society.

Photo illustration of of solar panels and windmills with business graph

Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman looks ahead to what 2020 may hold in the sustainability field.

Small globe held in hand

Professor Andy Hoffman argues that religion and philosophy can provide the necessary solution.

Writing in the Michigan Journal of Public Affairs, Andy Hoffman warns against giving the majority too much power.

Drawing of green community

Professor Andy Hoffman discusses the need for a fundamental shift in thinking.