E.g., Nov 25 2020
E.g., Nov 25 2020
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Researchers say findings, recommendations broadly applicable to other states.

Illustration of store reopening

A Q-and-A with Michigan Ross Professor Jun Li.

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Research by Michigan Ross Professor Damian Beil finds that the specifics of online contests can impact the quality of entries received.

Book bag with mask and hand sanitizer

Writing in The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Samantha Keppler explains what will be necessary for students to return.

Writing in The Conversation, Michigan Ross Professor Samantha Keppler reflects on many other services that schools provide.

Photo illustration of $5 bill with Lincoln wearing a medical mask

Michigan Ross Professor Ravi Anupindi discusses some impacts and how to cope.

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Writing in The EvoLLLution, Michigan Ross Associate Dean Wally Hopp says the transformation will benefit both students and companies.