E.g., Oct 22 2020
E.g., Oct 22 2020
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Being a positive change agent means more than overcoming obstacles. Professor Robert Quinn explains how to help make people and organizations thrive.

Want a more productive workplace? Research from Professor Gretchen Spreitzer shows how to help people thrive.

Can giving employees ownership of company financials improve performance? Read what Professor Wayne Baker found.

Do you want to help define your job or help employees better control their destiny? Find out about job crafting.

Leadership development should be challenging, but there are limits to the trial-by-fire method, research shows.

Want a good way to reduce workplace stress and turnover? Research shows alternative benefits work well.

Should you leave your emotions at the door when negotiating? Not the positive ones, research shows.

The law can be a powerful tool for creating a socially responsible corporation, says Michigan Ross Professor David Hess.