E.g., Nov 24 2020
E.g., Nov 24 2020
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People are very generous — if you ask. Professor Wayne Baker explains how to make a thoughtful request.

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Michigan Ross Professor Jeff DeGraff appears on the Inside Ideas podcast.

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Michigan Ross Professor Lindred Greer explains that as much as we might want to abolish them, hierarchies serve a purpose at work.

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In a new interview, Cheri Alexander discusses challenges facing today’s HR professionals.

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Michigan Ross Professors Sue Ashford, Maxim Sytch, and Lindy Greer detail specific strategies for successful teams.

Professor Andy Hoffman: Misunderstandings among students in Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying, and Public Interest mirror broader society.

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Writing in Harvard Business Review, Michigan Ross Professors Maxim Sytch and Lindy Greer discuss the benefits and how to make the shift successfully.