E.g., Nov 23 2020
E.g., Nov 23 2020
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Professor Norm Bishara’s research on non-compete agreements cited by White House study.

Professors Stefan Nagel and Joel Slemrod examine who’s most likely to dump shares when the market tanks.

New book by Professor Jerry Davis details the decline of the corporation and explores emerging business models.

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Joe Arvai says policy makers can learn from behavior science on how to make better decisions.

Research by Professor Joe Arvai shows knowledge matters when it comes to climate change concern.

Research by Professor Sarah Miller shows improvements in financial well-being, healthcare utilization, and coverage for low-income people.

Professor Joel Slemrod takes a look at odd taxes throughout history and how they reflect priorities.

New research by Professor Kanishka Misra shows consumers pick the healthier option when they can see the price difference.