E.g., Dec 13 2017
E.g., Dec 13 2017
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Professor Reuven Lehavy shows how after-hours trading reveals an elusive element of investor sentiment at the company level.

Professors Ryan Ball and Venky Nagar show that government uncertainty has significant effects.

New research by Professor Mihir Mehta shows how companies flee from audit firms who lose big clients and flock to those who win them.

Professor Cathy Shakespeare shows four basic things anyone in business should know about accounting.

Research by Michigan Ross Professor Greg Miller shows the importance of first impressions to investors.

Are Wall Street analysts beholden to management conference calls? Professor Reuven Lehavy sheds new light on the role of analysts in capital markets.

When it comes to analyst coverage, relationships matter. Read how you might get a head start on boosting analyst coverage.

How are new technologies changing investor relations? Prof. Greg Miller details the good, the bad, and the ugly.