E.g., Nov 23 2020
E.g., Nov 23 2020
Open Filters

Professor Joe Arvai, writing in Huffington Post, says dismissal of scientific advisers from EPA advisory board is misguided.

Professor Marina Whitman, writing in The Conversation, says President Donald Trump should invest in, not cut funds for, public resources.

New research by Professors Scott Rick and Katherine Burson shows some people are motivated by an income tax.

Professor Scott Rick says U-M consumer survey underscores the partisan divide in news sources

Professor Sarah Miller examines effects of Medicaid expansion in research published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Research by Professor Jagadeesh Sivadasan shows tech workers have lower wages and less job mobility in states that strongly enforce noncompete clauses.

Long-run labor market trends have not been favorable to many workers in the United States.

Changing technology and globalization have undermined the demand for the skills needed in traditional middle and low-wage occupations, leading to stagnant wage growth and a gradual, but steady erosion of employer-sponsored health insurance.

U-M findings from official Healthy Michigan Plan evaluation, co-authored by Professor Thomas Buchmueller, show financial impact on hospitals.