WATCH LIVE: Two Days of Energizing Ideas From the 2019 Positive Business Conference


For two days this week, the halls of Michigan Ross will be alive with the energy of the 2019 Positive Business Conference. The annual event kicks off this Thursday, May 9, with many sessions being livestreamed below.

The conference brings in leaders and researchers from across the world to gather and share ideas about how to promote the importance of positive business practices. The main theme of this year’s discussions will be well-being at work.

Toxic, stress-filled workplaces create employees who lack meaning and purpose. These employees become disengaged, experience strained social relationships, have shorter life expectancies, and incur higher healthcare costs for companies.

Creating positive organizational cultures, on the other hand, is a win-win. Thriving employees are likely to be more committed to and satisfied with their jobs, perform at a higher level, become sick less often, give back more to their communities, and get more fulfillment from personal relationships.

Livestreamed sessions at the 2019 Positive Business Conference will include interactive panel discussions and keynote presentations from the researchers and executives implementing these strategies.

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Closing Session:

3:15 — 4:00 p.m.

Owning Our Lives as Well as our Businesses
with Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

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