In New Podcast, Michigan Ross Professor Says We Need To Do Better To Create Positive Work Environments


Ahead of her keynote address at the Positive Business Conference, which takes place at the Ross School of Business on May 9-10, Gretchen Spreitzer spoke with Lisa Cypers Kamen, host of the Harvesting Happiness podcast, about her research into the positive business possibility in today’s workplace, a topic she’ll cover in more detail in her keynote.

Spreitzer said thriving is an important issue in businesses today, as many organizations are failing to bring out the best in people and develop their full potential. Since both of these things are crucial for longevity and performance over time, she said much of her research has focused on what individuals and organizations can do to create work settings that increase the likelihood of thriving.

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“When we talk about thriving at work, what we mean by that is, when people have the joint experience of feeling like they’re growing, developing, getting better at the same time that they feel really energized by their work,” Spreitzer explained. “I was very interested in how we could change the perspective of work through the kind of practices and the cultures that we have so that work actually creates or at least sustains energy… so that by the end of the work day, they still have good energy for the other parts of their life.”

In fact, Spreitzer emphasized that thriving at work can play a large role in people’s lives outside of the workplace. “If we're really troubled at work, we know people take that home with them at the end of the day, and they don't have good energy for having a good personal life, and raising their kids well, or being an active member of the community,” she said. “We need to do better.”

To help people and organizations do better, Spreitzer shared three key levers she found for ways to create balance and energy throughout the work day that allows employees to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Listen to the podcast to hear from Spreitzer about those three levers and what you can do to start loving your job more.

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