Michigan Ross Student Wins Moth StorySlam, Featured Nationally on NPR


It was the summer of 2007 when everything changed for future Michigan Ross MBA student Marjace Miles.

The story of what happened that summer is the subject of Miles’ competition-winning story from The Moth StorySlam, a national storytelling competition. Miles told the story live on stage, without notes, during the 2017 Moth StorySlam in Detroit, which he won. He went on to compete in the larger Moth GrandSlam event in 2018 as well.

His 2017 story, “Becoming a Man” aired nationally on the Moth Radio Hour on NPR stations across the country recently.

“I’ve told this story a hundred times before, to friends, to family,” Miles said in the story. “I even wrote this on my graduate admissions essay. And I lied every time.”

The story is available to listen to on the Moth website.

Miles also serves as co-host and co-executive producer of the Business Beyond Usual podcast at Michigan Ross. The podcast is available to download on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, the Google Play Store, and wherever you download podcasts.

Listen to the Moth story