From Beyoncé to Buzzfeed: New Speaker Series Focuses on Disruption in Digital Marketing


A new speaker series at Michigan Ross is bringing in some of the most influential leaders who are pioneering change in the marketing industry.

“We’ll be featuring the voices of dynamic individuals who are not only thriving in this ever-evolving digital world, but who are also rewriting the rules of it,” said Marcus Collins, a lecturer in marketing at Michigan Ross.

The series, called the Yaffe Speaker Series, is curated by Collins and John Branch, clinical assistant professor of business administration and co-director of the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative.

Here’s the full schedule of the Yaffe Speaker Series:

John McBride
Partner/Group Strategy Director at Translation––McBride has worked on campaigns for Jay Z, Reebok, State Farm, and the NFL
Tuesday, Sept. 18, 6:00pm, Robertson Auditorium

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo​
Former EVP/GM of Parkwood Entertainment (a production company founded by Beyoncé), and now a partner with management company Maverick.
Tuesday, Oct. 9, 6:00pm, Robertson Auditorium

Frank Cooper III
CMO of BlackRock, former CMO of Buzzfeed and Pepsi
Wednesday, Nov. 7, 6:00pm, Robertson Auditorium

Kenny Mitchell
VP of Marketing, Branded Content and Engagement at McDonald's
Tuesday, Nov. 27, 6:00pm, Robertson Auditorium