Around the World, Michigan Ross MBAs Helped Shape What’s Next in FinTech


Carrying cash has almost become a thing of the past, and soon enough, so will be carrying a wallet: the increasing intersection of finance and technology has made the process of paying for items more virtual than ever before. This sea change is providing tons of opportunities for all kinds of business and commerce, and Michigan Ross MBAs helped guide the way during their 2018 MAP projects across the globe. Take a look at these projects Ross students worked on this year:

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Google’s parent company Alphabet has tasked a team of Michigan Ross MBAs with creating a strategy and framework to decrease cost inefficiencies associated with payments. They worked in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Ghana Emergency Collective
Location: Kumasi and Accra, Ghana

Ross MBAs investigated the feasibility of incorporating mobile payments into the emergency department workflow, including an analysis of how that will impact both the finances and operations of the department.

Location: New York, NY

The cellular company asked students to gauge consumers' willingness to pay for mobile-first premium video content. They conducted this research while working in New York City.

Outbound Initiative
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Based in São Paolo, Ross MBAs researched the future of smart money in Brazil: What are the best alternative strategies, methodologies and tools that bring innovation to the local startups investment scenario.

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