Newest Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine Dives Deep Into Michigan Ross Partnership with the NFL


For the past three years, Michigan Ross has hosted a special bootcamp for some of the biggest stars in the NFL. But it’s not the kind of bootcamp that prepares the powerful athletes for their next game; instead, it prepares them for their next career.

The NFL Business Academy helps players improve their strength and agility in business management and entrepreneurship, real estate, franchising, and philanthropic management.

It’s a unique opportunity tailored for professional athletes who will likely retire from their first career before they hit their 40s––but who still have plenty of drive and ambition left. Each year between two and three dozen players participate in the voluntary program.

The academy was recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. “Our goal is to help players recognize those transferable skills they have as athletes and bring them into the next phase of their lives,” said Arthur McAfee, the NFL’s senior vice president of player engagement.


What Do NFL Players Do When They Leave the Game? Increasingly, They Open a Franchise. Here's Why.

This story appears in the May 2018 issue of Entrepreneur . Subscribe " It's hard enough to squeeze a dozen people into the prep room of a sub shop. It's even tougher if they're all NFL players.