With $2.2 Billion in Combined Revenue, These CEOs Are Turning To Michigan Ross Professors and KPMG To Kick Things Up A Notch


CEOs of some of the fastest growing startup companies in the country are gathering at Michigan Ross this week for a rigorous, in-depth bootcamp designed to help them propel their business to a higher tier.

Together their organizations have amassed $2.2 billion in revenue, sustained an average growth rate of 23 percent a year, and acquired an insatiable desire to push it to the next level.

QuantumShift, a program from Michigan Ross Executive Education, the Zell Lurie Institute, and KPMG LLP’s Private Markets Group, will help them get there. During the week, the CEOs will meet with Michigan Ross faculty to learn the latest about the topics that will help them not just continue to grow their business, but to expand their operations to another level. Topics include:

  • Creating a positive vision and culture throughout the organization;
  • Developing a compelling and effective change process;
  • Leading in a crisis situation with openness and honesty;
  • Creating and motivating a highly effective workforce;
  • Tools for attracting and retaining the best talent;
  • Growth through innovation; and
  • Working with Boards in making critical decisions.

This is the third year for the program at Michigan Ross and following completion of the week, members of this 2018 class will become part of the QuantumShift Fellows Network, an exclusive peer-to-peer network focused on problem solving, development, and mentorship.

“Entrepreneurs are the engine that powers economic growth across our country and around the world. Providing them with the knowledge, acumen and leadership skills to build successful companies is one of the best ways to support growth and generate jobs,” said Brian Hughes, National Leader, KPMG LLP’s Private Markets Group. “Through QuantumShift, KPMG and the Michigan Ross strive to help entrepreneurs develop the business knowledge and leadership skills needed to take their business – and themselves – to the next level.”

Visit Quantumshiftus.com to learn more about this year’s Top Entrepreneurs in America and follow conversations about the program using #QuantumShiftUS on Twitter.

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