Michigan Ross Librarian Wins Second in Washington Post Photo Contest. It Was a Squirrel Photo Contest.


It’s officially national Squirrel Week––but we know that’s pretty much every week at the University of Michigan.

Which has helped Corey Seeman, director of library services at the Kresge Library in Michigan Ross, become something of an expert at capturing the feisty little creatures on film. He’s taken thousands of photos of U-M’s famously friendly squirrels, and now he’s won second place in the Washington Post’s Squirrel Week contest.

“They’re wonderful,” Seeman said in the Washington Post’s write up of the photo. “Unlike a lot of places where they run away from you, on campus they run toward you.”

Seeman’s winning image was captured in a bed of mums in front of Michigan Ross. The squirrel seems to be saying “Get off my lawn!” or “Yay, it’s spring!”––you decide.

Congratulations Corey, and Go Blue!

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