Michigan Ross Alumni and Donors Support Students with $6M in Scholarships for 2017-18 Academic Year


Michigan Ross is well-known for its incredibly supportive community: Alumni, faculty, and staff are dedicated to helping students access all the resources they need to make the most of their education and launch successful careers.

A critical component of that much-needed support is scholarships — and at a recent celebration hosted by Michigan Ross, scholarship recipients had the chance to meet with the alumni and donors who help make their education possible.

Michigan Ross students received 756 scholarship awards, totaling nearly $6 million, during the 2017-18 year.

In recent years, Michigan Ross has raised $79 million for student support from 16,000 donors —13,000 of which are Ross alumni.

"It was an incredible opportunity to meet the family that has invested directly in my future,” said Allison Bernstein, MBA ‘19, who received the Michele T. Takei and Edward W. Unkart Scholarship. “The evening was one that I will grow from and cherish.”

Thank you to all of the alumni and donors who make scholarships at Michigan Ross possible. Go Blue!