See The Best Photos Taken Around the World During Michigan Ross Study Abroad Programs


Across the U.S., fewer than two percent of college students study abroad. But things are very different at Michigan Ross: at any given moment, hundreds of Ross students are scattered all across the globe, studying, taking classes, and interning and working for huge corporations and nonprofits.

In 2017 alone, more than 1,000 Rossers visited 49 countries, and student participation in these amazing learning opportunities is growing every year––by a lot.

2017 was the biggest year ever for global experiences at Michigan Ross, with 561 MBAs and more than 555 BBAs traveling abroad last year as part of their curriculum. That’s an increase of 21 percent and 16 percent, respectively, from the year before.

Ross is also an experience for international students, many of whom call Michigan their study abroad destination: 151 exchange students called our elite business school home in 2017.

Lucky for us, all of these international excursions make for excellent photo ops. So, we’ve gathered some of the most stunning photos taken by Ross students during their global excursions last year.


Pictures by: Maria Klots, BBA ‘18

In this Global Practicum course, students studied the Chilean wine industry and the factors that have contributed to its tremendous growth. Students conducted marketing strategy meetings with family wineries, company visits, and cultural activities in Chile during Spring Break.

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Picture by: Daniela Allen, BBA ‘18

During winter semester of junior year, U-M students have the opportunity to study abroad at one of Ross' many distinguished partner schools in cities as diverse as Helsinki to Bangkok. In Spain, students choose from six semester exchange programs, including two business schools. Daniela Allen, BBA ‘18, studied at the ICADE Business School in Madrid.

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Picture by: Michelle Kim, BBA ‘19

The Sustainable Business in Iceland course, another Global Practicum offering, was led by Andy Hoffman, Professor of Management & Organizations, Natural Resources, and Sustainable Enterprise. Students met with CEOs from a variety of industries––banking, healthcare, fishing––and learned firsthand about the cooperative, community-based business ethos of the country. (Read about one student’s experience with the course.)

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Picture by: Rui Zhong, BBA ‘19

During a one-week service learning program in Nicaragua, students constructed homes for families living in the city of La Joya while also learning about the local recycling industry, which is a huge employer for the area. Students took home lessons about the social impact of business, philanthropy, and poverty alleviation.

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Picture by: Tim Yuan, MBA ‘18

For this project in Ghana in partnership with the William Davidson Institute, Tim Yuan, MBA ‘18, conducted market research and planned the launch of a solar-powered vehicle targeted towards Sub-Saharan Africa. Tim’s photo is of Kejetia Market, the largest market in Africa with 45,000 vendors.

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Picture by: Ibrahim Ijaz, Ford School of Public Policy

Cross-Culture Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, another Global Practicum offering, students learn legal and ethical frameworks for negotiation, psychological tools that enhance negotiation effectiveness, and negotiation strategies for dispute resolution, all with an added cross-cultural emphasis. Students put those skills to the test during a weeklong study in Croatia, where they meet business leaders and professors and complete a project with students from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

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Picture by: Ashley Peper, BBA ‘18

Students in the Costa Rica Global Immersion course traveled to the country in May to learn how business is conducted in the Central American country. In addition to visiting companies engaging in sustainable practices, the students also hiked through rainforests, connected with faculty and students at universities, and had discussions with business leaders in Costa Rica, expanding their perspectives.

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Andrew Mei, BBA ‘19

This Global Immersion Course, also known as "Corporate Strategy in China," takes place for two weeks in May. Students travel to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The course teaches students corporate strategy in China via company visits, cultural activities, and lectures with business scholars and professionals working in the field.

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Picture by: Fatema Akhtar, BBA ‘20

Students in this Global Practicum course studied the social, legal, environmental, economic, and political climates in Morocco, and analyzed a particular company and industry of international trade with their research team. They also met with Moroccan business leaders and visit company offices and factories.

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Picture by: Meghan Petiprin, Ross Staff

During this course, students explored the important role of intellectual property law in modern global business activity through the unique economic, legal, political, and cultural landscape of South Africa. Journeying to Johannesburg and Cape Town, they connected with business leaders from large and small companies, engaged in lectures with local professors, learned about the country’s history, and caught a glimpse of lions, elephants, and rhinos while on safari.

Bonus Pictures:

We couldn’t resist sharing a few more pictures from the Global Practicum Course in Iceland — That Block M just looks so good!




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