Michigan Ross PhD Candidates Are Raking in the Wins for Their Innovative Research


In the world of academia, recognition for one’s work can be a long time coming, since the research and publication process can span years. A slew of recent wins and nominations of our PhD candidates show how much high-quality, innovative research is being developed by the amazing students (and their faculty advisors) at Michigan Ross.

Rebecca Chae won the 2017 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award for cross-cultural and public purpose consumer research. Her dissertation proposal, titled “Cultural Differences in How Descriptive Norms Influence Consumer Behavior,” earned her a $2,000 research grant. "We are very proud of Rebecca's winning the dissertation award,” says Carolyn Yoon, Chae’s advisor. “In a global economy, it's important for people to understand the effects of cultural differences in social and behavioral norms across a range of decision settings. Rebecca's research provides useful insights about the ways in which message effectiveness can be substantially improved by accounting for cultural norms.”

Three PhD candidates in technology and operations also earned wins and became finalists in prestigious competitions:

Guihua Wang (advised by Professors Jun Li and Wally Hopp) won the Health Care Applications Society competition for his research on personalized healthcare and the development of machine learning approaches using methods from econometrics and statistics. Wang was also named a finalist of the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) Student Paper Competition, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Service Science Section Cluster Competition, and the INFORMS Seth Bonder competition for Applied Operations Research in Health Services.

Iris Wang (advised by Professors Ravi Anupindi and Jun Li) was named a finalist in the MSOM student paper competition. Her research looks at the risk propagation from tier-2 suppliers to manufacturers.

Evgeny Kagan (advised by Professors Stephen Leider and Bill Lovejoy) was named a finalist in the INFORMS Behavioral Operations competition, in the Production and Operations Management (POMS) College of Product Innovation and Technology Management competition, and in the European Business School Innovation Management competition. His research examines operational questions in innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship.

Congratulations to these talented, hardworking PhDs. Go Blue!

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