Unscripted: Ross BBAs Get Real About Their Journey From Freshman to Graduation


In a new series of videos recently released on the Ross YouTube channel, we gathered students to discuss how they grew from business newbies to confident leaders through each year of the Michigan Ross BBA degree.

We didn’t script their conversations, but we did listen in, and we were surprised and delighted to hear their takes. We think you will be too.

Check out the full series from start to finish by clicking below, or watch a specific year:

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New Michigan Ross freshman will participate in a Personal Development Plan as part of the BA100 course that will help the student visualize what is needed for them to transition successfully to life as a Ross business student.

During sophomore year, Michigan Ross students take BA200, which explores the competing tensions of how business practices and leaders impact organizational performance as well as broader social outcomes across the pri…. You know what, we’ll let them tell you in their own words:

Junior Ross students participate in the Integrative Semester, where they explore the connections between business disciplines by studying one set of cases from multiple points of view.

Before graduation, Ross seniors participate in one of three capstone experiences. Below, a group of Ross student discuss their time with Capstone MAP, the experience that takes students out of the classroom to work directly with sponsoring organizations to solve a business issue.

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