A Supportive Community for Success: Meet the People of the Ross MSCM Program

Brooks Williams

New students who are just starting their Michigan Ross Master of Supply Chain Management program may be a little apprehensive ― after all, this is the program that’s ranked No. 4 in the country. Is the atmosphere all work and no play?

While the academics are challenging and rigorous, students say the supportive, diverse community sets them up for success.

“One of the best things about the Ross MSCM is the people,” says Brooks Williams, MSCM ‘17. “My classmates are very intelligent and come from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. They are what make this experience so valuable to me.”

Larissa Petroff, MSCM ‘17, agrees. “Working and learning in this environment continually broadened my strategies for tackling different problems,” she said. 

The MSCM program also encourages collaboration across Ross and the University of Michigan, which means countless ways for students to establish new connections and relationships. “I don't just  have class with MSCMs; I also have class with MBAs, engineering students, and students from other U-M graduate schools,” said Amy Allport, MSCM ‘17. “Class discussions, group learning, and the professional network are that much more rich and diverse.”

Mian Wei

Mian Wei, MSCM ‘17, sought out the Ross MSCM to further her supply chain expertise, and she was pleasantly surprised to discover an unexpected benefit: her fellow students. “This program has a very close-knit community,” she said. “I am super grateful to have known such a wonderful cohort of people. At the end of the day, the friends we made in the program and the alumni we connected with are truly the most valuable aspects of being here.”

The newly revamped Michigan Ross MSCM program features an updated curriculum and more in-depth, hands-on learning opportunities in a corporate setting. If you’d like to learn what attending the program is really like, you can contact our MSCM Ambassadors, who are eager to connect with you. Their backgrounds and career experiences are truly global, and they reflect the awesome diversity of this program.

Interested students are also encouraged to check out the Prospective Student Guide, attend an MSCM event, or contact the program directly with any questions.