Our Incoming Class of MBA Students Have Already Broken Three School Records


Michigan Ross students are always high achievers, but the new MBA Class of 2019 really takes the cake. Their classes officially kick off next week and by many measures, this incoming class of MBAs is the strongest, most impressive we’ve ever seen — and they’ve already broken three school records.

Check it out:

The MBA Class of 2019 has an average GMAT score of 716. That’s eight points higher than the previous record high set by last year’s incoming class!

The incoming students are also our most diverse MBA class ever, with our highest percentage of women at 43 percent, our largest ever group of military veterans, and 15-year high in the number of underrepresented minorities who make up the new class.

More than a third of our MBAs are also international with ties to 45 different countries around the world.

This is also the most diverse class in terms of academic studies: One third have business degrees, another third have STEM degrees, and the final one third have humanities degrees.

That all adds up to good news for this stellar group of new students because  research from Ross faculty has shown that diversity (of background, experiences, thought, skills, and everything else) is the main ingredient in developing successful, high-achieving teams.

And this group is nothing if not high-achieving. Members of the MBA Class of 2019 have already held impressive, impactful jobs, such as:

  • CIA economic analyst
  • New York Times project manager
  • Aerospace and space-mission engineer at NASA
  • Energy and environment analyst in the Obama Administration
  • Major in the Indian Army
  • Humanitarian Director for a relief organization in South Sudan

In addition to holding impressive titles, they’ve already done some incredible things:

  • Performed opera at the Vatican
  • Worked for the United Nations Foundation
  • Raised $30K to open a student-run men's shelter and a 15-bed shelter for LGBTQ kids while he was a student at Penn that is now in its sixth year of being open
  • Worked directly with Sheryl Sandberg on project for LeanIn
  • Established Taiwan’s first major corporate LGBT group
  • Attended Peru’s most prestigious engineering university at age 14
  • Performed improv at Second City
  • Competed nationally in chess
  • Served in the Peace Corps in Ecuador
  • Army Officer that currently runs a non-profit supporting Gold Star families

This is the strongest, most-diverse group of students we’ve ever welcomed into the MBA program at Michigan Ross, and we have no doubt they will accomplish many more great things during their time here and beyond.

To the incredible new class: Welcome to Michigan Ross and Go Blue!