Balancing a Baby, a Dual MBA Degree, and a Career Change: One Ross Student Says, ‘Why Not?’


Nikole Vargas’ schedule is more carefully calibrated than a Rolex.

The dual-degree MBA and Erb Institute student is at Ross to prepare for a big career change, and she’s also a new mom to Logan, who was only four weeks old when she began her studies.

Vargas details in MBA Mama Blog exactly how she manages to balance coursework, professional development, several Ross club memberships (she’s even the co-president of Michigan Business Women), and family time. Let’s just say it takes plenty of prioritizing, planning, and relying on an excellent support network— including her husband, who put his career on hold to care full-time for the baby. She also realizes that sometimes she’ll miss out on some of the nonessential fun stuff, like socializing with her classmates.

For any mom or mom-to-be who’s considering an MBA, Vargas has some advice: “I would tell these women to complete any necessary self-reflection to learn what you want out of your career, and how an MBA will help you achieve those goals. If the MBA is the right fit for you, know that you can do it, even as a mom.”

“Overall, do not sell yourself short,” she says. “So many dads pursue their MBAs–Moms can do it too! I am someone who wanted to delay (or potentially cancel) her MBA journey because I did not know if I could be a mom and a student. Though it has not been easy, it has never been impossible.”

See how Nikole Vargas balances it all in MBA Mama