We Called up Ross Students to Ask What They’ve Been up to and, Uh, It’s a Lot


More than 400 Michigan Ross first-year MBAs just returned from seven-week journeys, some halfway around the world, working on some of the biggest issues for major organizations as part of the MAP course. Their projects helped address child labor in Nepal, analyze brand strategy for Expedia, develop solar energy in Chile, and much more.

But what’s it really like to work on these projects with company executives and local community members? To find out, we called up five students actively working on their projects to get the inside scoop.

Turns out, all the excitement of MAP comes with some serious challenges. And some incredible learning opportunities.



Whether it’s dealing with a new culture’s scheduling habits, pinning down a client’s ambiguous directive, or finding agreement among a team of strong personalities, our MBAs faced no shortage of hurdles and moments of growth.

In the latest episode of the Business Beyond Usual podcast, five students call us from their MAP projects and share how their teams overcame those challenges, both big and small. Spoiler alert: it involves being flexible, keeping focused, putting faith in the team, and calling on the Michigan Model of Leadership.


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