Jumping Jacks, Burpees, and Qigong: Think You Can Handle this 72-year-old Ross Prof’s Workout?


“There’s no excuse to miss a workout,” George Siedel tells the Wall Street Journal. Despite a busy schedule of teaching and frequent traveling, the Williamson Family Professor of Business Administration and Thurnau Professor of Business Law manages to exercise every day.

The 72-year-old does strength training, cardio, and qigong, a Chinese practice of meditation, breathing, and slow movements that he first encountered in Beijing in 1992. Since he’s not a big fan of hotel gyms, he’s programmed Alexa, the voice of his Amazon Echo speaker, to guide him through a rigorous bodyweight workout routine––including burpees, squats, jumping jacks, and high-knees, that a trainer in the Och Fitness Center at Michigan Ross set up.

Think you could handle Siedel’s routine?


Check out Siedel’s workout on the Wall Street Journal