The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Unveils 2016 Employment Report


The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business released its Employment Report for the class of 2016, and it shows that Michigan Ross continues to excel in developing superior business leaders from all degree programs, especially its Full-Time MBA (FTMBA) program.

According to the data, consulting and technology were top fields among Ross FTMBA graduates as more than 50% of the class went into these two industries and 98.1% of the class received job offers three months after graduation. Some of the top hiring companies for Ross MBA graduates were PwC, Amazon, McKinsey, BCG and Microsoft. The report also showed that more than two-thirds of graduates accepted jobs on the West Coast, East Coast or in Chicago. Students seeking internships are also attracted to the tech industry and internships outside the midwest, at top companies including Amazon, Nike, McKinsey and Johnson & Johnson. More than 25% of the interning class worked at tech companies and 30% interned on the West Coast.

The report covers a wide range of topics including top hiring companies, job acceptance rates by industry and region and base salary numbers. The top-ranked FTMBA program produces a diverse pool of talent, as more graduates are gaining employment across multiple industries throughout the U.S.

Recruiters are drawn to Michigan Ross’s ability to combine hands-on learning with the traditional classroom experience, a hallmark of the Michigan Ross curriculum. Programs like the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP), Michigan Business Challenge and Leadership Crisis Challenge bring classroom learning to life, tasking MBA students across degree programs with creating solutions to address real, complex business and social issues.

“We are pleased with the numbers from the employment report,” said Damian Zikakis, Director of Career Services at Michigan Ross. “Ross MBA graduates are finding job opportunities across the country in a diverse pool of industries. Recruiters are impressed by the quality and business acumen of our students so I think it’s a reflection of the breadth and depth of our program.”

There was also good news for Ross’ undergraduate program. The report showed that 96% of Ross BBA students received a job offer within three months of graduation, with a majority of those graduates accepting jobs on the both coasts and Chicago. Other highlights include:

  • More than 145 companies hired Ross BBAs in 2016
  • The median base salary for BBA graduates was $72,500
  • BBA students are going into finance and consulting - with 44% going into investment banking and 24% going into consulting roles
  • More than 140 companies hired Ross BBA interns

The school’s specialty masters programs also had impressive numbers. The Master of Management program continues to see enrollment growth as 92% of students had a job offer within three months of graduation from some of the country’s top companies including Accenture, Amazon, BCG, Deloitte, Digitas, EY, Ford, General Mills, IBM and Oracle. Master of Supply Chain Management graduates are also attracting major companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. In the Master of Accounting program, 97% of students had an offer of employment within three months as well, and Ross is one of the select universities where the major four accounting firms place students nationally.

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