Five One-Handed Products from U-M Students You Never Knew You Needed


Ross students have been partnering with students from the Stamps School of Art & Design, the School of Information, and the College of Engineering all semester for the Integrated Product Development Course -- and now they’re ready to show you what they’ve been working on.

The course takes students from across U-M graduate programs and asks them to work through an integrated exercise of market research, product design, product development, manufacturing, pricing, forecasting, inventory policy, and competition with other products in the same market.

This year, students split into five teams to tackle this challenge: Can they develop a product that will make life easier for someone who has only one hand available to perform household tasks?

After weeks of work, they’re ready to present their products -- and now it’s up to you to decide who met the challenge the best.

Which product has the biggest chance of success in the market? Which best meets the challenge of helping one-handed individuals perform household tasks?

Take a look at each product below, and vote for your favorite. The winner will be announced on the Tauber Institute website after the IPD Tradeshow at Ross on April 6 from 6:00 - 8:00p.m.



Kurv (Suggested price: $39.00)

A one-handed laundry basket with tri-wheels to make going up and down the stairs with your laundry easier than ever before.

Kurv is the brainchild of Product Manager Emily Drescher, MBA ‘16; UX Designers Mayank Khanna and Pratik Mall from the School of Information; Product Engineer Abhilash Rao from the College of Engineering, and Product Designer Teo Willard, from the Stamps School for Art and Design.

Watch the Kurv video:



Learn more on the Kurv website


Scrubd (Suggested price: $24.99)

Scrubd enables users to scrub all types of dirty dishes with just one hand and features an easy-to-clean design.

Scrubd was developed by Jessica Zhou, MBA ‘16; Trevor Sultana and Jacob Villarreal from the College of Engineering; Henry Parker from the Stamps School of Art & Design; and Prakruthi Shetty from the School of Information.

Watch the Scrubd video:



Learn more on the Scrubd website


VIZI (Suggested price: $9.99)

VIZI is a wall-hanging poster of easily removable sterile bandages. The bandages peel off the poster using easy to grab tabs and makes taking care of wounds with one hand both “colorful and fun.”

The VIZI team consists of Brandon Hodges and Dan Bellomo, MBA ‘16; Akshay Potnis from the School of Information; Mary Molepske and Mihir Sheth from the College of Engineering; and William Hammond from the Stamps School of Art & Design.

Watch the VIZI video:



Learn more on the Vizi website


Washable (Suggested price: $30.00)

Washable makes it easy for one-handed individuals to wash up. Getting a deep clean on only one hand is a difficult task, and Washable aims to make that easier.

Washable was developed by Tom Mazula and Mukul Shekhar, MBA ‘16; Kanchi Bhawalkar from the School of Information; Amy Kamdem-Wandji from the Stamps School of Art & Design; and Nick Walker from the College of Engineering.

Watch the Washable video:



Learn more on the Washable website


Zip+ (Suggested price: $39.00)

Zip+ is a zipper replacement easily attached to any jacket that makes it easy for people to single-handedly secure their jacket and unfasten it with a gentle tug.

The Zip+ team is Yancey May, MBA/MS ‘17; Zachary Mandell and Bashar Salah from the College of Engineering; Elizabeth Vander Veen and Chris Withers from the Stamps School of Art & Design; and Namita Nisal from the School of Information.

Watch the Zip+ video:



Learn more on the Zip+ website


Online voting is open now through April 5 at 2p.m. ET.

On the voting page you’ll be given $200 of “IDP Money” to spend on these products, and the product that receives the most revenue* from online voting and in-person voting during the April 6 Tradeshow will be announced as the winner. 


Learn more about the Integrated Product Development course

*Products are finished prototypes. No actual sales are made, and no real money changes hands.

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