It’s The Biggest Year Yet For Michigan Ross Global Experiences


More than 200 Ross students are spending all or part of this winter semester abroad, experiencing other cultures, studying in other business schools, and learning from global business executives.

It’s part of the biggest year ever for global business at Michigan Ross - which is seeing a deepening of the Ross connection in India, a new global partnership in China, global executive-level programs, and more study abroad experiences than ever before. And in a globalized business world, those types of experiences and opportunities are essential to developing effective, world-class business leaders.

This semester, Ross BBA and MBA students are studying in 18 countries across the globe at more than 20 partner universities through the Ross Global Semester Exchange Program. Later this semester, first-year Ross MBA students will also take part in MAP projects that will send them to various locations across the world.

MERGE, the redesigned BBA curriculum, gives students the flexibility to study abroad for an entire semester during their Michigan Ross career, and the Office of Global Initiatives is helping to make that global learning a reality.

Students will be studying in Finland, Italy, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Denmark, Spain, France, China, Singapore, The Netherlands, Israel, Czech Republic, Thailand, Switzerland, Germany, India, and Japan.

Forty students from 18 different business schools across the globe are also coming to Ross to continue their business studies this semester here in Ann Arbor. They hail from Turkey, Costa Rica, Australia, and Macau, among other countries already mentioned.

In addition to semester-long exchange opportunities, students have the option to participate in short-term Global Practicum Courses - where they spend time in the classroom deep diving into global economic topics and then visit a country to develop their knowledge through fieldwork and visits with local business leaders.

This semester students will be visiting Morocco, Chile, and Tel Aviv. Learn more about these programs below.

Global Practicum Courses - Winter 2016

International Trade in Morocco

Undergraduate students will visit Casablanca in late February and early March with Ross Professor John Branch to explore international trade.

With imports and exports totaling almost US$21 trillion, international trade accounts for more than 25 percent of the gross world product. But why does international trade occur? What explains all of this importing and exporting? Students will spend the winter semester learning the answers by exploring how trade is conducted between Michigan and Morocco, and developing cultural competence in company visits, cultural activities, projects with Moroccan university students, and meetings with global business leaders.

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Understanding Industry Growth in Chile

Undergraduate students will gain a deeper insight into the Chilean wine industry and the various factors that have contributed to its tremendous growth in recent years, while visiting with Professor Michael Metzger.

Students will then put their knowledge to practice during marketing strategy meetings with family wineries during Spring Break. Coursework includes a semesterlong project and company visits, lectures, and cultural activities abroad.

By the end of this action-based course, students will have gained an in-depth understanding of this emerging market and a multitude of strategies for conducting business in an increasingly global economy.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Israel

Ross MBA students traveled to Tel Aviv University this winter to learn about entrepreneurial ventures and business strategies in Israel. 

Through a dynamic series of lectures, company visits, case studies, and networking events, students gained a deeper understanding of the principles, frameworks, and personalities driving Israel, often referred to as the "Start-Up Nation.”

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Students are sharing pictures of their time abroad on Instagram. Follow @MichiganRoss to stay up to date, or check back here to view the #RossGlobal tag on Instagram.

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