Ross Faculty Members Offer 2016 Business Predictions


As 2015 comes to a close, we asked Michigan Ross faculty members to gaze deep into their crystal balls and share a little insight into where the business world might be heading in 2016.

Here’s what they had to say in Ross Thought in Action:

Rebuilding of the Public’s Trust

After a year of high-profile business scandals including Volkswagen and FIFA, Michigan Ross Professors Cindy Schipani and David Mayer say there’s work to do in 2016 in rebuilding the public’s trust of corporations.

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More Frequent Mergers and Acquisitions

There was a record-setting $4.35 trillion in merger and acquisition deals in 2015, and Michigan Ross Professor E. Han Kim doesn’t see that slowing down next year.

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Continued Evolution of the Workplace

Michigan Ross Professor Gretchen Spreitzer sees two main workplace themes emerging in 2016 — and they stand to shake up how we interact with coworkers and how we view work-life balance.

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A More Desirable Chinese Currency

The yuan stands to be officially endorsed as a reserve currency by the International Monetary Fund in 2016, and Ross Professor Linda Lim shares what that means for the global economy.

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Changing Corporate Responses to Climate Change

The Paris Climate Conference may be over, but the role of corporations in the global response to climate change is just beginning to take shape. Ross Professor Andy Hoffman tells us what to expect from companies tackling the issue in 2016.

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