Ross Students to Learn ‘Storytelling With A Beat’


Once upon a time, in a faraway land...

Okay, storytelling has changed in style a lot in the last hundred years or so — but the power of stories to connect and move us has remained constant. And there’s a certain art that goes into telling an effective and emotional story.

Glynn Washington, the founder of the popular podcast Snap Judgement, calls it “Storytelling With A Beat” — and when Ross students take the stage to tell personal stories of their own sometime next year, they’ll have a year’s worth of lessons and workshops to help them tell stories that matter.

It’s all part of Story Lab, a semester-long initiative from the Sanger Leadership Center and the Design + Business Club designed to help Ross students harness the power of storytelling in professional settings.  

According to the Story Lab team, “stories can be used to advance a broad array of professional goals: networking, building coalitions, pitching, presenting, and leading in organizations and communities.

“Our mission is to support Rossers as they look to refine and tell the stories that are important to them — on the job, for the job, or in their personal lives.”

The initiative kicked off in early December with a public event featuring Snap Judgement host Washington and many other storytelling superstars, including Bobbie Carlton, founder of Mass Innovation Nights; and Gregg Fraley, author of “Jack’s Notebook.”

Throughout the Winter Semester, D+B and the Sanger Center will host a series of workshops to help students refine their stories. Themes for these workshops include helping students: build and communicate their personal brands, be more vulnerable and self aware, and deliver impactful presentations during MAP and summer internships.

At the end of it all, students will tell their stories live on stage for the first time at an end-of-semester story slam competition. Date, time, and location will be announced sometime next year.

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