Back To School Guide: Where and How to Instagram at Michigan Ross


Whether you’re just starting your business education this year or returning to continue your degree after a summer spent having incredible experiences, there’s going to be a lot to do (and see, and take pictures of) this year at Michigan Ross.

So we thought we’d help you out with this handy guide to some of the best places to take Instagram photos this semester while at Ross. And if we missed something, just post it to Instagram and tag it with #MichiganRoss. We’ll add our favorites to the list.



Morning, noon, night, cloudy, sunny, September, February — it doesn’t matter when you snap a pic of the Ross Building from the corner of Monroe and Tappan, it will still look gorgeous. And it’ll make your followers at other b-schools a little jealous, which is an added bonus.

Filter: We think it looks best with #NoFilter, but you be the judge.

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It’s our very own state-of-the-art electronic trading floor and e-commerce lab, where members of the Maize and Blue Fund invest hundreds of thousands of dollars from the University of Michigan’s endowment. The Tozzi lab is also open to all Ross students, so why not share a pic of you and your friends taking an investment workshop, learning how to make bank?

Filter: Perpetua - it enhances earthy tones, and nothing highlights the smiling faces of happy investors quite like the pop of subtle green notes in Perpetua.

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Located on the third floor of Ross, across the sky bridge that hangs majestically over the Winter Garden, ZLI is instrumental in propelling Ross to a top-ranked position in entrepreneurship education. ZLI offers grants to support student startups, exclusive networking opportunities, three student-led venture funds, a yearly entrepreneurship symposium, working space for student teams, and a collection of hand-made yearly gifts from Sam Zell himself that offer business lessons, impressive craftsmanship, and a good photo-op.  

Filter: Valencia - Saturates the blues in the ZLI space, giving your photo the gravitas and power needed to catapult you to the next level.

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You’ll hear from some amazing speakers here throughout your time at Michigan Ross. From inspirational stories and lessons from visiting business leaders, to talks with c-level executives from some of the world’s biggest companies, they all come to Ross, and Blau is where you’ll get a chance to meet them (and sometimes grab a selfie).

Filter: Brannan - this is just the most practical. Lighting is low in Blau, so Brannan will lower contrast and soften shadows, making sure you get the best view of the CEO on stage.

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With floor-to-ceiling wrap-around windows AND a view of downtown, the Law School, and the Big House, there’s nothing quite like the view from the sixth floor at Michigan Ross.

Filter: Lo-Fi - It’ll increase color saturation, making a beautiful cloudy sky pop against our roof-top gardens.

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It takes a trip across Hill Street, but a visit to the Center for Positive Organizations is definitely worth the trip. Not only is the center full of some of the most positive people at Ross (you can join them if you apply to be a +Lab Fellow this fall), but Rosa, the center’s mascot turtle is always happy to have guests… Plus, when else will you get the chance to use the tag #TurtleSelfie?

Filter: Sierra - It will add a faded look to your image, which is as calming as it is downright pleasant.

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Early morning classes, preparing for exams, and days that end in “y”. They’re are all good excuses to make a stop by the Winter Garden Starbucks and grab your favorite drink, so you may as well grab a picture while you’re at it.

Filter: X-Pro II - It’s dark and intense. Which is exactly how we like our coffee.


Speaking of the Winter Garden, the student atrium area at Ross is not only a main gathering point for students, it’s also an incredibly collaborative working environment where a lot of Ross students meet with members of their clubs, have their best ideas, and furiously work together on group projects. Why not make one of those projects getting the perfect picture of this space at twilight?

Filter: Nashville - the pink overcast adds a nice, warm-fuzzy feeling to photos. The same feeling you’ll get when you think about all the great times you’ve had here.

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