Four Tips to Unlock Positive Change in Your Organization


In a new post in the leadership magazine Chief Executive, Chris White, the managing director of the Center for Positive Organizations, and Ross Professor Jerry Davis, explore strategies used by successful intrapreneurs to bring about change within their companies.

From identifying the right time to suggest change, to learning how to mobilize supporters, the post looks at four specific lessons taken from the playbooks of those who have implemented successful cultural changes in organizations.

If you embrace change ideas and foster intrapreneurship in your organization, Davis and White say in the piece, “you will find abundant ideas to change your company and change the world.”

Davis and White have also recently published a book covering the topic of intrapreneurism in-depth. Changing Your Company From the Inside Out (Harvard Business Review Press) is now available on Amazon.

Read the full post and all of the tips via Chief Executive below:

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