Here’s a list of every country where Ross MBA Students will be working this semester


This week, more than 440 Ross MBAs will start work on a series of projects tackling real-life business challenges for 79 corporations and non-profit organizations.

The Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) will send first-year MBA students to more than 22 states and 29 countries to work on projects ranging from finance and marketing to strategy and operations, all spanning the industries of tech, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and more. The action-based learning projects also give students important exposure to the world of global business, as more than 65% of Ross MBA students participating in MAP this year will be working on projects in locations outside of their home country.

This is the 23rd year for Ross MAP, which debuted as a first-of-its-kind action-based learning experience for MBA students in 1992. Since its launch, Ross students have worked on 1,845 projects in 93 countries with 1,292 different corporate and non-profit sponsors. As the hallmark of the Ross MBA degree, the MAP experience remains one of the most extensive and intensive action-based programs of its kind.

This year, countries where MAP students will be working include:

South Africa, Ethiopia, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Aruba, Tunisia, Chile, Taiwán, China, Israel, Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Jordan, Poland, Italy, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Slovak Republic, Ireland, Spain, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

States hosting projects include:

California, Illinois, South Carolina, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oregon, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada.

How to be involved this year

This year, students from several of the teams will be blogging about their experience on the Ross Student Voices Blog, and you can keep up to date on the projects in this year’s #RossMAP experience by following @MichiganRoss on Twitter and Instagram.


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