Michigan Ross Students Pass More Than 600 Notes to Classmates

UPDATE: February 23 -

The time frame to send +Grams has ended. Ross students, faculty, and staff sent more than 1,023 of the notes to each other. For those who received a note, +Gram pick up will continue through February.

A simple, foldable card is taking the Michigan Ross Winter Garden by storm.

It’s called a +Gram, and the idea is this: You send a note to a friend or professor who has helped, guided or supported you to show your appreciation.

The Center for Positive Organizations is sponsoring the initiative, and the students running a booth in the Winter Garden throughout February are hoping the little nuggets of good tidings will help spread positive relationships, and generally just make people a little bit happier.

“Ross has a pay-it-forward culture,” the CPO +Lab Fellows said in a statement. “But, as a community we don’t often get the chance to say thank you to those who have aided or inspired us in a meaningful way.”

It seems to be working. Since launching the booth earlier this month, members of the +Lab have collected and distributed more than more than 650 notes on behalf of Ross faculty, staff, and students.

Says the organization’s flier about the initiative: “Based on the research behind the energizing effects of gratitude, we believe that both the givers and the receivers of +Grams will reap the benefits of a heightened sense of energy and happiness.”

Stop by the Winter Garden between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. to write a +Gram before Feb 23. You can pick up +Grams written to you through Feb. 26. The initiative runs Monday through Thursday until Feb. 26.

Learn more about the science and research behind gratitude and other positive business practices at Michigan Ross’ 2nd-annual Positive Business Conference in May. Early bird registration is open until late March.

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