Michigan Ross Executive Education Gives a New Look into Popular Programs


The best leaders know that learning never stops. Case in point - Michigan Ross Executive Education. One of the top providers of knowledge to leaders of industry around the world, the school is now giving people a peek inside the experience.

In two new videos recently posted to the Ross YouTube channel, viewers get quick insight into some of the program’s most popular topics, led by Professors Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and Robert Quinn.

A foremost leader and researcher on management and organizations, Robert Quinn’s video explores what the Fundamental State of Leadership is, and how to achieve it.

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks draws on his experience teaching about negotiations to give you a little tip about why you might want to infuse your business discussions with a bit more creativity.

Take a look and share these videos with your colleagues:

Thousands of business leaders from more than 75 countries travel to Ross for world-class Executive Education each year, and the knowledge and insights in these videos are just a small example of what happens inside those programs on a daily basis. Learn more about Executive Education at Ross.

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