New Course Marks Sea Change for Ross BBA Students


For the first time ever, when 500 new BBA students start classes at Ross on Sept. 2, they will all have a semester-long class together in Blau Auditorium.

Team-taught by several Ross professors (including Lynn Wooten, associate dean for undergraduate programs), the course will help students get a bigger view of what business is and what it means to be a leader who makes a positive difference in the world.

In addition, the class will serve as the launching pad for the 2014 Common Read initiative, which will have all incoming BBA students collectively reading and discussing the same novel, “The Circle.”

Centered on The Circle -- a company that creates increasingly invasive technologies, including a device known as SeeChange -- the 2013 novel from author Dave Eggers takes an alarming look down the slippery slope of a culture filled with tech companies accused of taking liberties with our personal privacy.

But the book also contains themes related to the role of the individual, evolving societal values, and global expansion -- all of which will be explored and connected to business fundamentals during discussions in the classroom and on Twitter outside of the classroom.

The students are being asked to share their thoughts related to several specific discussion questions throughout the semester, and you can follow the discussion (and join if you’ve read the book) using the tags #RossBBA and #TheCircle.

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