From Cloud Computing to Soup, How Ross Supply Chain Students Help Keep Business Running


This summer, more than 80 students from the Ross Master of Supply Chain Management, MBA programs and Michigan Engineering have joined forces to tackle complex supply chain and operations challenges within some of the nation’s biggest companies.

The students, who are paid for their work, will spend 14 weeks with the companies working on 35 unique summer projects coordinated through the U-M Tauber Institute of Global Operations.

But what exactly are they up to? Well last year, MSCM students and their Tauber colleagues saved industry partners more than $500 Million. This year’s projects will look to do the same, tackling everything from securing the future of our cloud-based productivity, to making sure we have enough soup.

A team working with Verizon aims to develop a more effective packing operation by investigating the efficiency and costs of the various organizations that pack and ship the telecommunication company’s products. This will include network optimization, data modeling, and procurement strategy to ultimately design the optimal pick pack operation.

Similar work is happening with Amazon, who is asking their Tauber team of Ross and Michigan Engineering students to look into how facilities and processes can be improved to eliminate the likelihood that a customer’s item will be damaged during packing or shipping.

Over at Microsoft, a group of Rossers are working to increase the capacity for cloud computing. As demand for cloud services grows, so too must the need for the infrastructure to support it. The Tauber team will work with Microsoft to analyze the cloud infrastructure and build a recommendation and framework to optimize the system for uncertain future demands and capacity.

Another Tauber team will assess the current data and processes utilized by Johnson & Johnson and recommend changes in the supply chain to increase value. The team will also develop and implement an analytics investment model across the supply chain to support these recommendations.

Data analysis and cloud computing is definitely important segment of the business world these days, but let’s not forget about good old-fashioned CPG!

One Tauber team working with General Mills will complete a strategic assessment of the Progresso canned soup network to develop a model that maximizes the flexibility of the supply chain while reducing costs.

You can read about all of the 2014 Tauber Summer Projects on the institute’s website

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